Keep the Grass Greenest on Your Side of the Fence

Keep the Grass Greenest on Your Side of the Fence

Make your Western Connecticut neighbors jealous!

Trust Scott's Landscaping & Design to keep your lawn looking fresh, green and beautiful all year long in Western Connecticut. Our team will come to your New Milford, CT home to apply your grass seed, then come back to make sure it's coming along well. We offer three types of lawn installations:

  • Seed and hay - This is the most common style of lawn installation. We come to your home in early fall to spread fertilizer, grass seed and shredded hay.
  • Hydroseeding - This style combines the seed and hay process into one step. We own and operate our own equipment for this process.
  • Sod - Sod lawns are the most expensive way to install a lawn, but it's instant gratification for you. Leave for the day, and by the time you come back, you'll have a lush lawn out back.

Call 860-350-8295 to start planting your lush lawn today. We serve the Western Connecticut & Eastern New York areas!

Be sure to check out our gallery of our work below!

Are you bored with your backyard?

Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen for al fresco summer dining? You've come to the right place.

Call Scotts Landscaping today! We can make your backyard a new paradise for you and your family. We work with our clients to build them exactly what they want in their backyard, from waterfalls, ponds all the way to a new patio with an outdoor kitchen.In addition to general lawn maintenance and landscape design, our team can:

  • Install ponds and waterfalls
  • Plant and trim trees and shrubs
  • Install outdoor kitchens
  • Build fences and patios

Build a backyard you love to spend time in. After an initial consultation, we'll draw up detailed and to-scale plans for your yard.

Home Improvement Connecticut License #609611
Pesticide Applicator Connecticut License #B2350