Bring Out the Best in Your New Milford and Western Connecticut Backyard!

Bring Out the Best in Your New Milford and Western Connecticut Backyard!

At Scott's Landscaping & Nursery, we understand you don't always have time to mow the lawn or weed your garden. Let us take the maintenance chores off your hands. Our lawn professionals will:

  • Mow your lawn
  • Spread mulch
  • Fertilize your flowers and lawn
  • Weed your garden and lawn
  • Plant seasonal flowers
  • Spray your lawn for ticks
  • Clean up fall leaves
  • Fertilize and maintain your vegetable garden
  • Prepare your plants for winter temperatures

We usually schedule regular client visits. Need something that's not on the list? Give us a call today - our trusted lawn care professionals would love to talk to you about your yard's specific needs.

Take care of your lawn every season

Are you more of a DIY type? Maintaining a pretty lawn isn't difficult. It's fixing a bad lawn that takes time and money. Follow these tips to keep your lawn low-maintenance and beautiful all year in Western Connecticuit :

  • Spring - Test your lawn's soil and lay fertilizer. Ideally, your soil will have neutral pH levels of about 6.5.
  • Summer - Start watering your lawn regularly. Hotter temperatures make your grass thirstier. Depending on the amount of rainfall you get, water your lawn every four to seven days.
  • Fall - This is the season to reseed your lawn. Till your lawn, apply the seed, then cover it with a layer of compost soil. And don't forget to rake up all those fallen leaves!
  • Winter - Clean your lawn equipment and wait for the snow to clear on your beautiful lawn.

At Scott's Landscaping & Nursery, we love sharing our lawn care knowledge. Give us a call at 860-350-8295 to learn from the pros how you can make yours look its best.

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